D3.js Site [2021]

As part of a semester-long class learning D3, I started a website to do quick little tarot readings and spit out possible meanings and associations. Hoping to continue building it out with more in-depth analyses and better customization for readings. Find the site here.
A Conversation with Em Horton
Audio Feature [2021]

A short piece of audio-journalism done through WTJU Charlottesville. Had the pleasure of talking with my friend Emily Horton about creating art after losing your sense of it.
Entrepreneurship Wiki
Notion Wiki [2020]

For the final of my intro to entrepreneurship class, I was tasked with a 'For Dummies' style writeup of the topics we had covered. I had been using Notion for a little while, but this was my first big project with it. The image here is just the index on the first page, but if you want to read the whole thing, you can give it a click.
Change of Plans
360° Music Video [2020]

I'd never worked with 360 video before, but thanks to borrowed equipment from UVA, I was able to try out this awesome medium. Change of Plans included a super fun blend of creative skills: project planning, songwriting, poetry, recording, filming, editing (and even driving stick). Songwriting, audio editing, and performance all done with the help of Matt Merline.
How to Make Whisky
Infographic [2020]

For my communications class, I put together an infographic that gives a very basic overview of how whisky gets made. This info is based on my experience as a tour guide at a local distillery; I know some parts are heavy simplifications. If you'd like to see/download a pdf version of the document, click here.
Some Questions for Jon Coate
Slam Poetry [2018]

My second year of undergrad, I attended the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) as a part of UVA's team. This poem was one of several I competed with. If you'd like to read other poems I wrote that year, you can find them here.
Spoken Word Poetry [2017]

Icarus was the first poem I wrote in undergrad, and one of the poems that I won my first-ever slam with. This recording was done by the ultra-talented Matt Merline.
Right Now
Indie-rock Album [2017]

If you've scrolled this far on the projects page, you've probably realized how often I work with Matt Merline and that's because besides being a super talented musician and audio engineer, he's been my best friend since high school. Right Now was the second album that we wrote and recorded together as a two-man band.